Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kennedy Space Center, (Nasa) Florida May 18, 09

We drove to the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island from Orlando. It was a very rainy drive and visibility on the road was next to nothing. But we found our way to the parking lot where we sat for awhile until the downpour subsided. We ran across the parking lot and made our way into the Space Center. We took the bus tour and saw the most important things to us. There is so much more, though. You really need 2 days to experience what this great place has to offer.

The first few pictures show what we "didn't" see on the road from Orlando. It was a slow and rather nerve wracking drive. The next photos show the entrance to the Space Center and the buses used for the tours.

The next posts show the progression of our very wet day! We enjoyed it immensely rain or shine!

A big surprise for me was the abundance of alligators in and around the Space Center. Awesome!

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