Monday, July 6, 2009

Kennedy Space Center, (NASA) Launch Pads 39A and 39B May 18, 09

The Observation Gantry is an observation location for the public. It has limited space but, if you are lucky enough to get a reservation then you have an up front and personal view of a launch! Otherwise, you are out on the local beaches for the best view.

These photographs were taken on the 3rd level of the outside deck.

There is a small visitor center on the lower level of the Observation Gantry which includes models of the launch pads and space shuttles.

The huge building that is visible in the picture with the American flag is of the Shuttle Assembly Building. The crawlerway passes by the flag which is just outside the Observation Gantry.

We viewed these two launch pads from the observation gantry on a very rainy day. The view was impaired but still worth the effort. We were just a few days late to see the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis for the final payload mission to the International Space Station. We were hoping for a delay long enough so we could get there. But, we did see the launch pad from which Atlantis had been just days prior.

Space Shuttle Endeavor is sitting on Launch Pad 39B and ready for an emergency launch if needed. You can barely see it on the pad through the rain, but it is there! So exciting! I think this is the best part of being here!
The top 2 launch pads are 39A where Space Shuttle Atlantis was recently launched. The second and third pads is 39B where Space Shuttle Endeavor was sitting. The two pictures show the lights alternately blinking on the left and right sides.

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