Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday / McCallum Trail and Oasis, Coachella Valley Preserve, California USA

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Exploring the desert is ongoing for my husband and me.
We drove out to the Coachella Valley Preserve this past Sunday and spent several hours hiking from one palm oasis to another.
This is the view of the first oasis as we started our hike across the incredible desert.

The trail is very sandy, almost like walking on the beach.
Even though it was relatively flat...it gave our legs a good workout!
We were treated to amazing blue skies and temperatures in the 90's.
It was windy...so we were comfortable.

There are a few stand-alone palms on the outer perimeter of the oasis.

I love the variety of vegetation...some blowing in the wind on this day.

We saw a lot of the fringe - toed lizards.
We take hiking sticks to feel a little more secure against the dreaded rattle snake!
We didn't see any of them on the trail.

...a few wildflowers in early May...that's a nice surprise.

This is the palm oasis we were heading for along the McCallum trail.
There is ground water for any oasis, but this one has a magnificent pond...not for swimming, though.
We had a good mile or so, hike to get there.
Distances on the desert are deceiving...always farther than they appear.
We only met a few people on the trail...sweet!

Looking to the north as we hike towards the west...the mountains were such a beautiful purple.

Jerry is nearly in the McCallum Oasis now.

We have reached our destination!
This is all ground water that comes up due to seismic activity along the San Andras Fault.
We are in earthquake country out here!
The palms thrive in these places.
It's called "1000 Palm Canyon."
 I took photos from every angle of this pond possible trying to capture the many reflections floating on that water.

My husband is enjoying some shade and watching little fish and crawdads, aka crayfish, swimming in the shade under the trees.

What a reward for our efforts to get here!
This is nice enough to linger awhile...and we did.


Johnny Nutcase said...

ahhh! great post and photos, Carolyn - i could really go for a desert hike/trip !

Spiderdama said...

WOW! What a wonderful place and your photos is also!! Would really like to visit this place:-)

Anonymous said...

I've never been to the desert. It amazes me to see such a beautiful pond of water in the desert. I've heard of oasis but had never seen one. It makes me shiver thinking of running into a rattlesnake!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, never been to a dessert before (well excluding vegas strip) and how beautiful it is. Thanks for sharing the oasis.

Ebie said...

The desert looks so arid and beautiful! How wonderful to see those reflections!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Fabulous pictures Carolyn! The oasis is beautiful and definitely worth the hike! Great shot of the fringe-toed lizard.

~ Tracy

Cheryl Ann said...

We were just there in April! You were lucky it wasn't too hot...this week it is and I'm MELTING! Yes, isn't the pond beautiful?

eileeninmd said...

Great hike, I really like the oasis. just beautiful! Wonderful photos, Carolyn!

Dave said...

What a desert paradise this is!

Stacey 18 said...

I'm glad you didn't find any rattle snakes. I think they are so much more interesting to see behind a glass window at the zoo - sorry if that sounds a bit mean to the poor snakes.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Great hike! I can almost feel the sand under my feet! thanks for taking us along. You got some wonderful pictures.

Shirley said...

I've never seen the desert. Beautiful pictures. Quite different than Ohio!!

fredamans said...

Love the lizard shot! I owned a Green Peruvian Iguana years ago, so have a fascination for amphibians.

Daniela said...

What a cool place, great shots :)

KMOYMAMA said...

I enjoyed the story and photos of your hiking in the desert. I have never been to any desert. The photos of the ponds in the desert are all impressive. I am happy to see that Jerry and you had a wonderful hike there.