Monday, May 17, 2010

That's My World Tuesday, Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot / Sides, The Cajon Pass and Lone Pine Canyon, California USA

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This beautiful Mojave Yucca grows on the side of a hill in Lone Pine Canyon near Wrightwood, California USA.
This is part of the high desert region of southern California.

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 Lone Pine Canyon is THE place to enjoy these majestic desert plants right now.  
The floor of the desert is covered with them as well as the sides of the mountains.
You can barely see them growing on the hillside at the left side of the photo.
I wish I had an even bigger lens to capture that distance.

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The freight trains travel through the passes (along the sides of the mountains) of another high desert region, not far from the above photos.
This area is also the home of many many Mojave Yuccas.
You can see power lines climbing the sides of the mountains here.
My husband is NOT fond of this photo because the lines are visible!

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The freight train has passed, but, another will roll through here very soon...about every 15 minutes.

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The hillsides are carpeted with such amazing color right now!

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The blooming Yucca is everywhere out here.

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...just a little closer.

The theme is side or  sides.


Sylvia K said...

That is such a gorgeous place! I've been there several times and you've captured it beautifully as you always do! What a great visit! Thanks for sharing and for the memories!! Have a wonderful week, Carolyn!


Anonymous said...

I came by here by way of your comment on my post. I don't see "Blue Monday" here, so wondering how you came by my place. ANyway- great photos! The yuccas in bloom are beautiful! THanks for stopping by and leaving me a note. Enjoyed my visit. JEnn

Martha Z said...

It looks like a good year for the yucca blooms, great shots. After my years in the Owens Valley, power lines now seem like a natural part of the landscape but I can understand how people see them as intrusive.
We hope to head up the east side of the Sierra next week after a visit with Michael and his parents. I'm wondering what will be in bloom.

Anonymous said...

I've only seen Yucca from a distance, I wonder if they have a smell.

Lovely photos.

EG Wow said...

I'm so impressed to see so many all at once! These look very big, larger than the variety that's hardy enough to grow her.

noel said...


i'm enjoying what you are posting today from your world, love the yuccas blooming in the wild and your commentary, beautiful place

thanks for sharing this and have a great week!

Carver said...

The yucca is so beautiful and I enjoy seeing it in it's native habitat so much. Wonderful place you took us with your words and shots.

Janie said...

The yuccas in bloom are so beautiful and majestic. Lovely photos!

Jama said...

The place is so beautiful with so many such flowers!

Indrani said...

Y for Yucca. Never knew the name of this beautiful flower. Great shots all.

J Bar said...

They are terrific.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Gaelyn said...

Those are Huge yuccas. Have you tasted the flowers? I like to nibble on them while hiking.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful and elegant desert plants.

JOE TODD said...

Carolyn I'm envious. You have deserts and oceans and your photos are so well done. Thanks.

NatureFootstep said...

this was interesting! And the flower a beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

Ann said...

I have computer trouble, so this may be a repeat post.

I love yuccas even before I knew they were yuccas. The white light bulb look a like.

Auckland weather is wet, so our yucca is very lush.

KMOYMAMA said...

I have never seen such desert plants! I want to visit deserts in your area in flower season.

Carly said...

Gorgeous plant! :)

Sandy said...

Very nice plant on the side. :) It truly is lovely and I love all your photos in this post!