Monday, January 21, 2013

An Evening Walk in Twizel - South Island, New Zealand

 We arrived in Twizel after a big day on the road on the South Island, New Zealand.
The day began in Christchurch with several wonderful stops, especially Lake Tekapo!
We went for a LONG walk after dinner in search of a beautiful lake...Lake's somewhere down this road about 5km each way (3.1 miles each way)  The people at the hotel said to just keep walking!  So we did...
This is Jerry's silhouette as we walked toward the sun.

 Another pic of him as we follow a slight curve...
It's the summer season and it gets dark very late on the South Island but we still hoped we would be back before it was too dark.

 I love walking in New Zealand...possibly more than anywhere else and that is simply because there are no dangerous animals to be concerned snakes, no bear, no mountain's mainly the weather you have to be careful about.  
But, this particular evening was wonderfully warm!

 fabulous wide open spaces bathed in warm light...

 Twizel is a picturesque and tiny township with a stunning view of Mt. Cook.

 Lupine was growing everywhere in fields, riverbeds and along the road.

 Ahhhh...we are nearly there...
restrooms, showers, laundry, cabins, accomodations, campervan overnight parking, tent camping...

 This sign tells us we have reached the lake and how to get back to Twizel, too!

 The snowy peaks were stunning as the sun sunk in the sky!

 more lupine!

 beautiful clusters around every street post...

 ...and this is Lake Ruataniwha!
I took this photo the following morning from the road.
It was getting dark and the air was getting cold the night before...
We didn't linger here then.
We headed back to our hotel while we could see where we were going because the wide open spaces in New Zealand get very dark at night!

Twizel and Lake Ruataniwha
South Island, New Zealand
November 2012

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