Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand

 As we travel towards Kaikoura we see our first passenger train as it travels north along the East Coast of the South Island (Kaikoura Coastline).
These 2 top photos were taken from the coach...window reflections are the added bonus!

We cross, yet, another river.

 We have arrived!
Kaikoura, New Zealand
Long stretches of coastline nearly to ourselves!
Majestic mountains and rugged coastlines are what make New Zealand so insanely beautiful!

 Jerry takes a picture!

 Ahhh...someone is on OUR beach!

 We found a few rocks to take home to our little grandsons...Chase 5 years and Noah 2 years!

 I told Jerry to stand by the bush for a picture!

 This area is the whale watching meca!
Boat tours are plentiful and the gentle giants can often be seen from the shore...but, not today, apparently!
We didn't see any.

 It's my turn to hide behind the big green bush!

Beautiful Kaikoura!
November 25, 2012

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