Sunday, January 13, 2013

Re: Start Shipping Container City - Christchurch, New Zealand

 Christchurch, New Zealand had a devastating 6.3 earthquake on February 22, 2011.
Most of the central city and neighborhoods were destroyed and red flagged for demolition.
We toured the city in's been nearly 2 years and there is still so much recovery needed.
This post shows how the CBD (central business district) has become the  "Re: Start Shipping Container City" as life must continue!

 These men are working on the central air system for a 'container' store to open soon.
There are several blocks of stores, banks, cafes and restaurants working out of 'shipping containers'.

 They are colorful!

 They have colorful shades between the rows!

 ...and, here is a small cafe!  Someone is upstairs enjoying a window view.
The parking structure in the background is heavily damaged and not functional.
It will come down eventually.

 Here is an impressive little shopping street!
All the latest stores that would be in any mall or downtown area.

 Just off to the side is the remains of a building heavily damaged.

 C for coffee!


 They have very attractive window displays!

 Fencing separates the danger zones.

These  flags dress up the chain link a bit for the Christmas Season.

 They brighten a gloomy day!

 Westpac Bank complete with a security officer.

 A little outdoor shopping for variety!

The popular tram system is scheduled to resume service in mid-2013.
The large business buildings must be completely down before service can begin again.

 Across the way is the KiwiBank.


 Advertisements to include "Big Ideas" for re-development for those who have a Big Idea!

 A restaurant!

 Container City is squeezed in between 'danger zones',
but, it serves the purpose for the time being. The popular trams will lift spirits when they resume service.

The War Memorial is also off limits due to damage.

Christchurch, New Zealand
November 26, 2012


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Thanks for all these photos showing how life recovers after a tragedy - re the trams restarting - do you mean 2013 - not 2012?

Land Source Container Service Inc. said...

Agreed with Gerald, fantastic snapshots.

-Land Source Container Service, Inc.
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