Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Onward to Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand

 After spending our first night on the South Island in Blenheim, we are off in the early morning towards Christchurch with many stops along the way.
Our guide, Ted Ratahi, is the BEST!
AAT Kings (tour company), New Zealand

 We never went too far without seeing grazing sheep!
These photos are taken from a moving coach.
I struggled with motion, reflections, tinted windows and limited vision. problem!

 Single lane highways cross the countryside in all directions.

 Lots of vineyards in the Marlborough Region of the South Island...
all over the country, as well.

 more sheep!

 The yellow broom plant (weed) is hated by the farmers.
It's nearly impossible to get it out of the pasture land.

 Lake Grassmere

 ...another scene of Lake Grassmere along Highway 1 heading south on the eastern side of the South Island.
Beyond this lake is the South Pacific Ocean with very little land in between.

Ahhh...the South Pacific Ocean is now in view!

 Working on the railroad!

 Every direction is a picture!

 ...a few shots as we cross one more of hundreds of rivers throughout the trip.

...and, more yellow broom!

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