Friday, January 11, 2013

Traveling South to Christchurch - South Island, New Zealand

 We continued to follow the South Pacific Ocean for a while after leaving Kaikoura.
We watched for whales and dolphins along the way.
           We did see some dolphins but not whales...:-(                

 awesome rocks!

 Ted, our guide, has his eyes open for something a whale!  But, no luck this time.

 Now we leave the coastline and travel inland for most of the way down to Christchurch.
The mountain peak is covered with the Yellow Broom so despised in New Zealand and elsewhere!
It is pretty, though!

 Stunning pastoral land!

 another river crossing!

People use RV/camper vans a lot when traveling in New Zealand.
There are many places you can pull into to spend a night that are not campgrounds.
There are also a lot of small townships with accommodations too.
One lane roads are the way to travel...we used one SHORT motorway going into and out of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  That's it!

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