Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cook Straight and Queen Charlotte Sound - New Zealand

 This is the route we took from Wellington (North Island) across the Cook Straight to Picton on the South Island...New Zealand.

 We traveled through the Queen Charlotte Sound to Picton.
All of the white on the map is water...unbelievably scenic!

 This is a close up of where we left Wellington Harbour...also unbelievably scenic!

 We are on our way!
I was on the second level looking down at the lower level of the boat.
The wind was cold but the sunshine was brilliant most of the time.

 More people are venturing outside!

 Some sights along the way...

 Ahhhh...the color!

 another sailboat along the way...

 Our newly acquired friends from Adelaide, Australia...Leon and Karen!
They were such fun!

 We are approaching Queen Charlotte Sound...stunning!

 The light is wonderful to capture layers of color and contrasts!

 The Queen Charlotte Sound is a maze of waterways of astounding beauty.

 There is plenty of room for peaceful sailing!

 The light just gets better and better!

We are arriving in Picton now...3 hours later!

 There's activity here on the South Island!

Crossing the Cook Straight from Wellington to Picton...a 3 hour journey.
F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. !!!
November 24, 2012

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