Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Te Papa Tongarewa - Wellington, New Zealand

 We visited the Museum of New Zealand in Wellington, known as Te Papa Tongarewa which means in Maori, "container of treasures"...

 ...and that's what it is, a six-storey treasure box!

 They showcase the Maori culture which is unique to New Zealand.

 A display of the night sky over New Zealand features the Southern Cross in 'red' and the two large 'pointer stars' that help lead our eyes in the right direction.

 The skeleton of a Pygmy Blue Whale hangs from the ceiling...

 There is plenty to learn about the geothermal locations throughout the country.

We had just been to Tongariro National Park witnessing a steaming Mt. Tongariro.
So we read everything we could find regarding this volcanic region.

 We had also been to Lake looks like an ordinary 'very large and beautiful' lake.
That is true, but there is more!

...and, this is why!

 We really like this interactive map of the North and South Islands.

 When you step on it the location lights up on the wall...

 This is the Cook Straight separating the North and South Islands which we crossed by ferry a few hours after visiting Te Papa.  It's a 3 hour trip and plenty scenic!

 This section shows Banks Penninsula which is the location of Christchurch (South Island).
This area was heavily damaged in the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Feb. 2011.

 Fiordland National Park on the South Island which we visited near the end of our trip.

 Jerry is standing beside Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown...

This is the north end of the South Island, Cape Farewell and the Farewell Spit.
Across the Tasman Bay is the Abel Tasman National Park, Picton and the Queen Charlotte Sound.
 One of 10 original cannons found under on!

 The entire world should heed this advice!

 Maori wood carving covers the entire sides of their canoes...

 such intricate detail in their art...

 beautiful work!

 the inside of the vessel...

 woven sails...

 This post shows only part of what there is to see and learn at Te Papa.
We saw so much more!
November 24, 2012

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