Wednesday, May 30, 2012

 We continue up-river...the light just kept getting better!

 We have finally turned around the north end of Margaret Island and we're going under the Arpád Híd (Bridge).  We will soon dock and tour the island for an hour.

 Love the light on this old bridge!

The Hungarian Flag flies proudly!

 We are on the island now...the mood is great here!
The rain appears to be over and the people are enjoying walking and jogging.

 The Water Tower is a famous landmark.
There is an open-air theater which features ballets, theater and concerts.
There are 2 luxury hotels on the north end of the island...but, no homes.

The island is mostly a vast parkland.
People from the city can easily get here via the two bridges on the south and north end.
Only taxis and one bus are allowed on the island so it is a quiet place to relax.

The sun is getting low... be continued on the next post!

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