Saturday, May 12, 2012

Karlstejn Castle, Karlstejn, Czech Republic

We took a day trip from Prague to visit the Karlstejn Castle about an hour away by van.
We had a choice to walk up the 1/2 km hill to the castle
hire a taxi
ride up with horses.
We chose the horses!
The driver spoke only Czech and the horses apparently do too.
They minded every command with perfection!
 We waved good-bye to the driver and horses as they went back down the hill.
Later, we walked back...

 This little 'hot dog' was a picture I could NOT resist!
This was in the Karlstejn Village just outside the castle gate.

This is part of the Karlstejn Village that sits below the castle, a densely forested area.

-Berounka River runs through the Karlstejn Village area-

and, finally, our first close up and personal view of the castle we are about to visit.
It is said to be the grandest of the Middle European castles and there are many of them.
Karlstejn Castle, Karlstejn, Czech Republic

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