Saturday, May 19, 2012

Terezín Concentration Camp - Czech Republic

Our guide is leading us to the crematorium where 30,000 Jewish people were cremated with their ashes dumped into the river.
There is a group ahead viewing the Jewish cemetery.

A very somber scene...9,000 people were relocated here from earlier mass graves.

 Several thousand non-Jews were buried in Terezín as political prisoners.

the crematorium
 A man stands in the doorway who watches over the building.

This is one of many buildings that comprise the Terezín Ghetto.

Our guide leads us to the Christian/Jewish Memorial Cemetery at the small fortress not far from the Terezín Ghetto.
These are unmarked memorial graves of non-Jewish people considered 'political' prisoners who perished here.

 Sally and another lady spending a little time with our guide.

 A crown of thorns adorns the cross.

The Star of David is located near the entrance of the small fortress.

After viewing the Christian/Jewish Memorial Cemetery we entered the Terezín (small fortress) where political prisoners were mostly held by gestapo.

The following photos will show where people were kept in deplorable conditions.
It was a very sobering experience to view these places...

Words from Israel...

Thirty or more people were lined up side by side to sleep on each of these bunks.
Ghastly hot in the summer months and no heating during the sub-zero temps in the  winter months.
A hundred people were packed into these rooms with one toilet that flooded onto the floors.

an entrance to a section with 'isolation' cells

an open door to one of the isolation cells

we were told about this image but i am still researching it since i cannot remember the details...
i will update soon, i hope!

original hospital beds for propaganda purposes only...

there was no plumbing connected to these sinks...again, propaganda only

a large room and a lot of sinks that were never used by the people

mass executions took place here

a memorial for those who were executed

the imprisoned people built this luxury swimming pool and also a cinema for the Gestapo Police

another room where people were packed in so tight that they could hardly move

more deplorable isolation cells

"Work Brings Freedom"
of course, that was never the intent...

These two photos show the tunnel that leads in and out...
the people only came in.

 a final moment of reflection before we left...

the sign on the road

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