Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dinner Cruise on the Vltava River, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic

 Sally chats with a cute young French couple on the "freezing" deck of our dinner cruise boat.
It was in the 20's F. that night but the view is so much better outside!
We had a nice dinner inside where it was toasty warm, though.

 Sally and I had a very good time with our guide for the night.
She told us more than we will ever remember about the history of Prague...
We were in 'awe' of her knowledge...wOw!
I wish I could remember her name.

This cute French couple had dinner with us and even spent the evening on the deck with us.
They are from a village in the French Alps...a little cold doesn't bother them one bit.
They were delightful company for the evening.
Dinner Cruise on the Vltava River
Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
March 7, 2012


Denise said...

A great post Carolyn, must have been an amazing trip. I seem to be a cold weather person more than a hot-humid-tropical kind. Bundling up on a cold night, well it looked like you were all having a whole lot of fun.

Scott said...

Wonderful night shots of Prague. Way to go. Looks like you had a great time with great people from far away.