Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Sighting - Lake Balaton, Hungary

 Even though we were driving and these images are far less than perfect, I still love them!
My favorite Hungarian friend, Agnes, told me over and over how she loves Lake Balaton and how I must come to visit her "swan lake".  We drove from Budapest with two other friends (not Hungarian) and this was our first sighting of the amazing colors!  I thought I was in the Caribbean someplace!
The kaleidoscope of color was truly hypnotizing!

...but, the temperature told me I was not in the Caribbean...maybe 40 F. in the mid afternoon on this 13th day of March 2012.
...and, much colder at night!
This lake is about 78km in length and 15km across at its widest point and Europe's largest body of fresh water.
a GREAT LAKE for sure!

Why does Agnes call this her 'swan lake'?
There are swans here...lots of them!

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