Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Margaret Island Tour - Budapest, Hungary

Our young guide has a very impressive knowledge of Hungarian history.
She was great!
She is about to take us to the ancient ruins of  a 13th century convent and church.

This is our first view of the thirteenth century convent of Dominican nuns, once the home to the daughter of King Bela IV, for whom the island was named.

She tells us the history of this convent before St. Margaret's grave.

The grave is well attended with fresh flowers.

Unfortunately not all are respectful of this reverent place but choose to "ruin the ruins."

The buildings in the background are actually across the river even though they seem closer.

A closer view of the Water Tower which is very close to the convent and church ruins.

We have a moment, and only a moment, to linger before returning to the city center which is not far away downriver.
We watch a man jobbing the periphery of the island.
Once again, the buildings are across the river from here.

The last boat of the day arrives to pick us up.

And that is the end of the tour!
Only a scenic trip back to the dock which is only about 20 minutes away when the boat travels directly,
and, it did...
It was a very cold day but lovely...March 11, 2012

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