Thursday, May 24, 2012

Széchenyi Spa - Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is known for its thermal waters and Hungarians know how to live!
This is one pool at Széchenyi Spa.
The men are playing chess...I loved that scene!
It was a very sunny but cold day on March 9, 2012 but we stayed nice and warm.

 The center of this pool will swirl you around in a circle if you relax and lift your feet.
 I loved the steam rolling off the surface of the water!

There are three large pools outside and more inside as well as spa treatments for those who like to indulge.

 They are serious about their game.
I think some of them are cooking!

This spa is my favorite of the ones we visited!

Of course there are some who actually get some exercise in this Olympic sized lap pool which is much cooler than the others.

 No food outside in this weather but how nice it would be during warmer months.
We ate inside...
What a beautiful place!
Széchenyi Spa...I do hope to visit again!

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Scott said...

They do love their spas in Europe. I know in Germany you had to be careful because many were "swimsuits optional". This one looks like a beautiful castle.