Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Great Day With the Boys!

Let's go to Los Angeles on the train!
Chase wants to be his Mommy's tour guide because he has gone with me before.
He knows all about it now!

Tender moments between Chase and Mommy...

Little Noah isn't about to sit on this train!

snack time!
Noah hasn't noticed yet...

still hasn't noticed!

amazing...he doesn't seem to care

Noah really likes seeing the world go by!

We had lunch at a cute Mexican restaurant on Olvera Street.
Chase wanted his picture taken right here!
So, that's what we did and here it is.

Hello Mr. Fish...
Chase went home to find this fish in his fish book.
He knows what it is, but, I don't.

Mr. Fish seems curious...

After our walk around China Town we returned to Olvera Street to take pretty pictures of  Mommy and Noah.
Not the best light, but, oh well...

I caught Mommy alone...
A very nice day - May 18, 2012

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