Sunday, May 20, 2012

Railing it to Budapest!

Sally and I were off to Budapest-Keleti on this 8th day of March 2012.
It seemed the train was on time at 11:42 but a platform had not been assigned yet.
We assumed it would be #2 because our ticket indicated it and we had seen the same train there 2 days earlier.
At the last minute someone told us it was platform 3!
Time to scramble DOWN the stairs and UP the other side!
We made it...barely!

 Our trip to Budapest took us across the Czech Republic and into Slovakia before entering Hungary.
It snowed most of the way.
We made a stop at Brno...
Brno is the 2nd largest city (after Prague) in the Czech Republic.

It really started coming down before our train moved on...

This scene was somewhere in Slovakia and it was still snowing...

This is somewhere near the Slovokian/Hungarian border.
It was very cold in Budapest when we arrived but it hadn't rained or snowed there during the day.
It was a very nice 7 hour trip across some very scenic countryside.

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