Thursday, March 11, 2010

Face of the Week / Irish Man in Color

This man allowed me to take his photo at the Irish Festival in Pomona, California last weekend.
I posted the photo in black and white on Monochrome Weekend last Sunday.
I am happy to share the color version on the  
Face of the Week meme today.


Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Bravo to you. I am always shy to ask a stranger if I can take his/her photo.

Carol said...

Great shot, Carolyn, glad you explained what it was. We have an Irish festival in Dayton also.

Sistertex said...

Hi Carolyn,
What a marvelous photo, and so timely...for St. Patrick's Day. Thank you so much for participating in 'Face of the Week'! Hopefully more people will join in soon to share their beautiful faces! Have a great weekend!

James said...

He looks proud and very comfortable in that outfit. I ust wonder what he's sitting on. :)

p.s. thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hmnmm I thought I left a comment on this a while back. Guess not. Oh wait, it might have been the monocrhose. LOL. Anyway its a great photo and quiet fitting for the upcoming week :)

maryt/theteach said...

Wonderful portrait, Carolyn! :)