Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday Challenge / Accidental Photography

 Click on photos to enlarge!
I was REALLY disappointed with this photo when I saw it on my computer.  
It was the perfect I thought.
The glare from the ocean really washed it out.
I took several photos of these kids and they all looked the same.
 I should have used the exposure compensation...

I converted one of them to black and white.
I'm not sure...what do you think?
Does it look any better?
These photos were taken at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, California USA
February 28, 2010

The theme is "Accidental Photography"
mistakes with exposure, focus, etc.


Gattina said...

They are not that bad !

Maria Berg said...

They are not good and it makes med sad because all the kids in a very nice spot - the blake is better and you can at lease have one to keep.

I try to take a few photos from different angels when I am out so at least one turns out ok.

Hope you do not mind say what i am thinking.
Love MB

Evelyn Howard said...

Hi Carolyn
The bw looks better. A suggestion ... play with the shadow and light and contrast, to make the dark bits darker... but not lose the details... Not sure if that would help.

It looks like they saw something interesting down there...

magiceye said...

not too bad and am sure you can use some software to set them right!

Manang Kim said...

Yeah the first picture the sun rays wash the colors but know what I still do like it. The second black and white picture is really good. I like it this way. Happy weekdays.

PhotoChallenge:A mistake

Shannon said...

I do like how the black and white outlines the people better and it has more texture than the first! Plus, it tones down the light... but you're right, the composition is FABULOUS in both pictures! :)

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

It all depends what you want out of the photo. I copied them into my PaintshopPro program and used "Enhancement" twice and you could see the striations in the rocks.

I often find that photos which don'tturn out quite as intended can be rescued in various ways.